Award Winning Beers

Eddyline Brewery, based in Nelson, celebrates its remarkable success at the Brewers Guild Awards held in Christchurch in early August. The brewery was awarded a total of 18 medals, solidifying its position as one of the most recognized breweries at the event.

Two of Eddyline Brewery's beers, “Amigo Amber Lager” and “GorgeJuice Hazy IPA”, were particularly well-received, earning Gold medals from the professionally judged event.

In addition to the Gold medals, the brewery's lineup impressed with four Silver medal-winning creations, including “Weizen Shine Hefeweizen”, “Barrel-Aged Imperial Bourbon Stout 2023”, “Dank Matter WCIPA”, and “Happy Camper APA”.

The brewery's success extended further with an impressive twelve Bronze medals, reinforcing Eddyline Brewery's reputation as a prominent player in the craft beer industry. Among the Bronze winners were "Island Life WCIPA", "Apricot Splash Wheat Ale", "Kaiteri Gold Pilsner", "Jolly Roger Black Lager", "EddyLite Session Pale Ale", "Cloud Base Kolsch", "High Tide DIPA", "T.E.D. WCIPA", "Octolupulus Session Hazy IPA", "Tantric Haze Hazy IPA", "Sippin on Sunshine Hazy Pale Ale", and "Board Rider Hazy NZIPA".

Eddyline Brewery's dedication to brewing excellence and innovation was further recognized with a "Highly Commended" for the Sustainability Trophy. This recognition highlights the brewery's pioneering efforts in environmental responsibility, as they were the first NZ craft brewery to implement a carbon capture system enabling them to operate 100% using their self-generated CO2. Additionally, their commitment to sustainable energy practices was showcased when they installed 68kW of solar panels to power the all electric brewery in December 2022.

"We are immensely proud of the recognition received at the Brewers Guild Awards. These medals and being 'Highly Commended' for Sustainability are a testament to our team's hard work, creativity, and commitment to sustainability. At Eddyline Brewery, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of craft brewing while minimizing our environmental impact," stated Adam Tristram, the Sales & Marketing Manager for Eddyline Brewery.

The success at the Brewers Guild Awards further establishes Eddyline Brewery as a major contender in the craft beer community, renowned for its quality, innovation, and sustainability.