Brewed with Brewers Clarex

All of our beers are brewed with Brewers Clarex®.  What does this mean?  Well, for starters it helps lock in and stabilize the great hoppiness and freshness our beers are known for!  It also has the additional benefit of reducing gluten making our beers friendlier for those individuals who do not tolerate gluten.  In fact when we test our beers we have never seen a gluten level above 20ppm and most of the time they are below 5ppm!

From DSM (manufactures of Brewers Clarex®):

Gluten-free beer was initially developed for people with celiac disease who want to enjoy beer. But with gluten-free one of the strongest growth drivers in the food and beverage industry today, beer producers are offering more gluten-free options for their consumers. One approach to make gluten-free beer is to make beer from cereals such as sorghum, rice or corn which don’t contain gluten. Alternatively, adding Brewers Clarex® at the start of the regular beer fermentation process breaks down the specific gluten protein that causes allergic reactions or adverse health affects. Brewers Clarex® allows brewers to easily create gluten-free beers using gluten-containing (barley) malt with no impact on taste or quality.

While all our beers are brewed with Brewers Clarex® at the moment we only gluten test randomnly.  We are in the process of getting an approval to be able to advertise our beers as gluten-reduced at which point we will test every batch.  We will update this space as we make progress. 

Here is an article for your further information:

Gluten free beer versus gluten reduced