Responsible Brewing - what it means to be Sustainable

Solar-Powered, Carbon Friendly, and Environmentally dedicated

In October 2022, Eddyline added 68 kilowatts solar power to our rooftop making us the craft brewery in New Zealand with the greatest amount of solar power!

Our brewery is 100% electric powered allowing us to use our solar power to brew the greenest and best tasting beers without pumping our atmosphere full of carbon emissions!  Combined with a large investment into superior polyurethane insulation whether its our glycol piping or our cold rooms we are energy efficient as possible!

Did you know most CO2 used in beer production comes from burning waste products from refining oil?  We at Eddyline recognized that this was not a sustainable solution and began capturing all the CO2 produced from our fermenters to recycle and reuse vs buying fossil-fuel derived CO2!  Eddyline was the first craft brewery in New Zealand to capture and reuse its CO2 using Earthly Labs small-scale CO2 capture technology.

Eddyline has reduced its water usage from an industry average of 10L water per 1L beer produced to nearly 5L per Litre beer produced!  Innovative use of an AlphaLaval Brew 80+ centrifuge along with specially developed brewing techniques are what have allowed us this remarkable success.